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Where is YMB Consulting located and how large is their service area?

YMB Consulting is centrally located in Quispamsis, New-Brunswick Canada which is 90 minutes from Moncton and Dieppe, 2 hours from Amherst Nova Scotia and 3 hours  from Charlottetown PEI. We are also a very short flight from Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Boston, Massachusetts and New York. However, we have done projects as far as Vancouver, BC. YMB Consulting services North America in process improvement, lean manufacturing training, VisualFactory implementations and MISys ERP software implementations. We are also able to service Canada for ShopFloorConnect implementations.

What is a Visual Work Instruction Software?

Visual work instruction software solutions help companies achieve standard work by presenting the employees with the information they need to know when they need to know it. VisualFactory presents this information in a way that is easy to understand and allows the employees to interact with the instructions in a way that captures all the necessary production information.

Can YMB Consulting provide my staff with lean manufacturing training?

Yes. The first step in providing lean manufacturing training for your company to setup a meeting with YMB Consulting so that we can visit your company and get a better understanding on your situation. We will then customize a training program to address your biggest issues and work with your staff to resolve them.

Can I use YMB Consulting as my in-house continuous improvement leader?

Yes. This service is a good fit for companies that are too small to need a full-time continuous improvement leader. We find that the best approach for this type of partnership is for YMB Consulting to visit your company so that we can get a better understanding of your situation, we would then scope projects to address the issues that are causing you the most pain.

What makes YMB Consulting different than other lean manufacturing consultants?

There are 5S consultants, there are value stream mapping consultants and there are 6 sigma consultants. Although YMB Consulting uses all the lean manufacturing tools, we believe that each improvement event should be customized to ensure that the event is successful. We do not believe that simply training your staff on 5s or other lean manufacturing principles is the solution as the playback for some tools like 5S will vary greatly from company to company or from process to process. YMB Consulting’s partnership with ADM systems engineering allows us to also help your company with any controls, automation and information systems and mechanical design projects. This combined expertise will allow YMB Consulting and ADM to conduct a full operational Assessment of all your process and equipment and recommend solutions with the best ROI.

Can some of YMB Consulting’s services be funded by any government programs?

Yes, we have experience using NRC-IRAP funding for projects that are focused on improving the manufacturability of products. These type of projects can be focused on the design aspects of the product or the manufacturing process. YMB Consulting will scope out the project and help you apply for the project free of charge, we will also do the monthly reports required for free. However, these type of programs cannot be used for lean manufacturing training, pull system implementations, MISys implementations or VisualFactory implementations.

I know that my company needs help, but I’m not sure where to start?

The best way to proceed is to simply setup a meeting with YMB Consulting so that we can visit your company and better understand your situation. Once you show and explain to us the type of problems you have, we can talk about our experience resolving similar issues and prepare a scope for you.


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