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Our Approach to Lean Manufacturing Training

YMB Consulting's approach to lean manufacturing training is different than other consultants in that we don’t believe in a particular “lean manufacturing” philosophy, but believe that lean manufacturing should address the issues preventing your company from reaching it’s goals. Therefore in order for us to be able to train you on the proper lean manufacturing tools, we must first understand your company by conducting an operational assessment. We believe that Lean Manufacturing should be used to solve problems and that to simply be trained in all the lean manufacturing tools offers very little value.

Operational Assessment

In this assessment, we will gain a high level understanding of your operational processes and information flows, as well as the problems that are preventing your company from reaching its goals. When we have completed our assessment, we will recommend a list of opportunities that your company should target based on your current state. It is from this list of opportunities that we will recommend a lean manufacturing training program.

Lean Manufacturing Training Program

YMB Consulting has conducted countless lean manufacturing training sessions and can customize each class to best fit your company’s needs. Although the lean manufacturing training program that we will offer your company will be customized to address the opportunities highlighted in the operational assessment, we will still need to train you on the fundamentals of lean manufacturing. Since each company will only receive training on the tools that helps them address the problems preventing them from succeeding, every program is different. However, below is a list of example classes that could be offered:
Information Flow and business process
Lean Manufacturing Training YMB Consulting

1. Introduction to lean manufacturing

In this 1 day workshop you will learn the history of lean manufacturing and some of the tools your company can use to start your lean journey. The importance of training everybody in the company with the fundamentals cannot be understated.  
      • The history of lean manufacturing and it's benefits
      • Value versus waste
      • 7 types of wastes
      • Pull systems versus push systems
      • Overview of 5S and visual management
      • Review lean implementation tools like Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen events
      • PDCA cycle Plan Do Check Act
      • Interactive waste identification exercise
      Although we will touch on all the points listed, we will provide additional focus on the training requirements identified in the operation assessment and provide examples from your production line.

      2. Production pull systems and Kanban designs

      In this full day event, you will learn the differences between a push and a pull systems as well as the different type of Kanban signals you can use to best fit your business. We will also conduct an interactive pull simulation with the group so that they can better understand the functionality and the benefits of a pull system. Since the benefits of a pull system doesn't only apply to manufacturing, we will show examples to your team of how it can apply to other business processes as well.
          • The difference between push and pull
          • Kanban signal types
          • Selecting your Kanban limits
          • The one less at a time principal
          • Heijunka box design to level production
          • Linking your ERP system to you pull system
          • Interactive pull simulation
            Prerequisite Classes: Introduction to lean
          Pull system training YMB Consulting
          5S Training YMB Consulting

          3. 5S and the Visual Factory

          In this full day event your team will learn the fundamentals of 5S, as well as how visual management and the visual factory can ensure that your company is able to respond quickly to abnormalities. We will also audit an area of your production floor to identify 5s and visual management opportunities. We will also discuss the type of opportunities that are well suited for 5S and the ones that are not.
              • History of 5S
              • Overview of all 5S's
              • Example of 5S best practices
              • Common mistakes made in 5S implementations
              • 5S in the office
              • Visual management tools and examples
              • Andon and other visual problem resolution tools
              • Interactive production floor 5S audit
              Prerequisite Classes: Introduction to lean

              4. Value Stream Mapping

              In this full day event your team will learn how to use value stream mapping as a lean management tool. During the session we will create a current state map and future state map for one of your products. Your company will learn the type of benefits possible from value stream mapping and when it should be used.
                  • Overview of Value Stream Mapping
                  • Overview of the Value Stream Mapping symbols
                  • The types of benefits possible with Value Steam mapping
                  • When you should use Value Stream Mapping and when you shouldn't
                  • Creation of a current state map
                  • Creation of a future state map
                  Prerequisite Classes: : Introduction to lean, production pull systems and Kanban designs
                  Value Stream Mapping Training
                  Kaizen Teamwork YMB Consulting

                  5. Kaizen workshop:

                  The length and the outline of this course will depend on the type of opportunity outlined during the operation assessment. The general purpose of the course will be for YMB Consulting to guide of your employees through the planning and the execution of their first Kaizen event. At this stage, we should be training your in house lean manufacturing leader so that he or she can conduct future events of the same type. Although each Kaizen is different, the general outline should stay as listed below.
                      • Select target process
                      • Create team charter
                      • Create Kaizen plan
                      • Document current state and observe waste
                      • Analyze the process
                      • Determine future state
                      • Implement future state
                      • Measure and verify
                      Prerequisite Classes: TBD based on the event, but likely you will at least need to take the introduction to lean class.
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