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OEE Software and Machine Downtime Tracking

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Calculating Overall Machine Effectiveness has never been so easy

ShopFloorConnect OEE Software track machine downtime

Automated downtime tracking for all machines

ShopFloorConnect Overall Equipment Effectiveness / OEE software and the SMI machine-mounted interfaces together collect important production data from any machine with little or no operator involvement. ShopFloorConnect displays information in real time, so problems can be addressed as they happen. We can customize your OEE Calculation so that it considers setup activities or not. ShopFloorConnect allows you to quickly identify underperforming machines and the reasons for underperformance - enabling you to focus your lean manufacturing / continuous improvement effort.

Live production status of all equipment

In a traditional manufacturing environment, supervisors and managers often try to resolve problems the day or week after they occurred. With ShopFloorConnect you will be able to give your supervisors and managers a live status of all your equipment as well as performance to target. This will improve your lean management initiative by allowing your management team to focus on problems as they occur and minimize their impact.

ShopFloorConnect is not just for highly automated plants

The type of functionality that ShopFloorConnect offers is normally only possible in highly automated plants. What makes ShopFloorConnect different is that it allows you to measure the downtime of any type of equipment from: CNC milling equipment, Injection Molding machines, press brakes, stamping presses, laser machines and more.

Make Business Decision on accurate data

If you are like most manufacturers, important efficiency and downtime data from your machines is collected manually and entered into the system by a human operator. It is very likely that this information is not as reliable as it could be. The three common problems with manually collected data are untimeliness, inaccuracy, and bias. Considering that this raw data forms the basis for all subsequent production reports - and that important decisions are made based on those reports - any problems with the data collection can start a ripple effect that results in a negative impact on your business. ShopFloorConnect Asset Utilization Software and hardware automatically collect production data that is timely, accurate, and unbiased. Best of all, it does it automatically, and in real time!
ShopFloorConnect - Diagram connecting equipment to shopflokrconnect
ShopFloorConnect - Terminal, Machine asset utilization terminal

The ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface

The ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI) is the fastest way to connect virtually any machine to the ShopFloorConnect Factory Reporting Software. The SMI is Ethernet-ready, and factory configured to drop right in to your existing ShopFloorConnect installation and begin collecting data. You can use the ShopFloorConnect Configuration detail page to create custom downtime tracking menus for each machine, and download them directly to the SMI.


  • 90-265VAC 47-63 Hz, 1A
  • PNP Input for cycle/parts count (required), +24 VDC Maximum
  • PNP Input for machine running/stopped signal (optional): +24VDC On
  • PNP Input for scrap count (optional): +24VDC On
  • PNP Input for setup mode (optional): +24VDC On - This mode allows the machine to be cycled during setup and troubleshooting while maintaining the current downtime reason and without incrementing the parts count
  • Stop circuit - Dry Contact - 42VDC, 30VAC, 1 Amp max. Used to stop the machine when the Parts Count preset is reached
  • Auxiliary Stop circuit - Dry Contact - 42VDC, 30VAC, 1 Amp max. Used to inhibit machine or ancillary equipment restart until a downtime code is selected.

Custom Reports

ShopFloorConnect has a powerful browser-based reporting feature that allows you to configure and generate reports on demand, or to set up schedules to automatically deliver pre-configured reports. The ShopFloorConnect Standard Reports are templates that can be configured to include data from a specified time period, also from specific machines, operators, part numbers (or other important parameters depending on machine type), and/or shift. The individual reports have a number of report-specific configurable parameters called "filters" that control the report content. ShopFloorConnect can also send text alerts to key staff when equipment is down for too long. These reports will help better focus your SMED or other continuous improvement initiatives.

Machine Downtime Summary

One of the ShopFloorConnect templates that is provided with the software is the Machine Downtime Summary. The downtime summary tracks reasons for downtime by machine. You have the option to include either a Pareto chart, and sort the downtime reasons by number of occurrences or by duration. The Downtime Summary has report filters that allow you to include only specific machine states, as well as the standard ShopFloorConnect report filters. This report can be set up to display one machine/graph per page, or to consolidate multiple machines not a single report.

Instant Downtime Text Alerts

ShopFloorConnect has the ability to send text alerts whenever a machine is down for longer than a preset time. You may create an unlimited number of alerts for each machine, specifying the recipient(s), the shift during which each recipient is eligible to receive alerts, the elapsed time before the alert is sent, and even the specific downtime reasons that will trigger the alert. This powerful capability enables ShopFloorConnect to summon the requisite personnel for any stoppage quickly and automatically.
ShopFloorConnect - SFC Machine / equipment Downtime Summary

Key Benefits for Your Business

  • Increase capacity and profitability by addressing downtime issues.
  • Improve lean management by focusing improvements in critical areas by quickly identifying & quantifying excessive production losses and bottlenecks.
  • Make more informed decisions relating to capital equipment purchases.
  • Improve your SMED process
  • Better labor utilization & resource allocation.
  • Quote accurate deliveries based on real-time information.
  • Gain the ability to more quickly respond to machine stoppages and production deficiencies.
  • Large-format factory displays that provide instant visibility of underperforming machines.
  • Utilizes Microsoft SQL DB for easy integration with other software.
  • Go paperless with the built-in job queue manager.
  • Automatically generates and distributes user-configurable reports at scheduled intervals.
  • Remote viewing of real-time factory status via any browser, PC, tablet or smartphone

SMI: ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface

  • Turnkey solution that is simple to implement.
  • Ethernet ready–simply plug it into your network using the built-in RJ-45 (standard Ethernet) connector.
  • Requires only a few simple connections to the machine.
  • Fully customizable downtime reason codes for each machine.
  • Built-in parts counter with preset.
  • Ability to enter applicable job and operator parameters.
  • Compatible with serial bar-code scanners.
  • User-friendly touch screen interface 5.6" color
  • Available in 4 versions: Color or monochrome displays, with or without enclosure.
  • Significantly lower cost than comparable devices.
  • 32 downtime codes that are fully customizable - both the reasons themselves, and the menu order in which they appear.
  • "Forced Dialog" mode can inhibit machine restart until a downtime reason has been sent to ShopFloorConnect.

Job Queue Manager

  • ShopFloorConnect allows you to create or import prioritized queues of jobs, which are then sent automatically to each ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI).
  • Documented transfer protocol allows the schedule to be populated from other software including your ERP system.
  • Calculates estimated time/date of completion for all jobs in the queue.
  • Paperless – it automatically sends job parameters to each Machine Interface.
  • Partially completed jobs can be automatically inserted back into the schedule.

ShopFloorConnect Overview

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