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VisualFactory Webinar

by / Thursday, 23 April 2015 / Published in Events, VisualFactory
VisualFactory Webinar visual work instruction software YMB Consulting Sackville, Moncton, Halifax, Montreal, Boston, New York

Would you like to learn more about VisualFactory without leaving the comforts of your office? Then register for this free Webinar of the software.¬†Join us for informative Webinar on how VisualFactory will reduce costs, increase productivity & enable paperless manufacturing. Hear how VisualFactory has aided local manufacturer Speilo save $100,000 in first year. ” By implementing this new software, production line capacity change effort was reduced from 180 hours to 12 hours, a 93.33% reduction and the number of documents used to support the build test, and inspection process during manufacturing reduced from 8 to 2, a 75% reduction.” VisualFactory can help you Business Process Management initiatives by automating a lot of your business processes.

Our mission is to provide visual tools for effective lean management for your continuous improvement program. Does your company struggle to maintain paper based work instructions? Maybe you’re heavily reliant on tribal knowledge or just looking to implement a lean philosophy? Whatever your problem we are confident that VisualFactory will be the solution. Visual Factory will give your company true Manufacturing Execution System functionality, benefits delivered by VisualFactory will include:

  • Ensure standardization of manufacturing process
  • Improve Productivity
  • Energize your lean manufacturing / continuous improvement program
  • Reduce Assembly Technician Training Time
  • Improve Cross Training
  • Reduce Rework Costs
  • Reduce Warranty Costs
  • Manage and document all necessary production data
  • Reduce Manufacturing Engineering floor support
  • Reduce the time required for Assembly Instruction Development & Maintenance
  • Reduce Inspection Costs
  • And many more MES system functions…

For more information about VisualFactory click Here

To attend to this live Webinar at 2:00 pm ADT on April 30th, please register below

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