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"Where this is no Standard, there can be no Kaizen" - Taiichi Ohno

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User Friendly Interface

Reduce Engineering Effort

What is a Visual Work Instruction Software?

Visual Work Instruction Software

VisualFactory's Manufacturing Execution System functionality will reduce Cost, increase productivity and achieve paperless production

If your company is struggling with poor adherence to paper based work instructions, trying to reduce process variation or are looking to take your continuous improvement program to the next level, whatever the problem we are confident that VisualFactory will be the solution. VisualFactory provides real time, dynamic Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) so that products are built right first time, even in low volume high variety and configuration environments.

Visual Work Instructions to achieve standard work

VisualFactory's paperless visual work instructions are designed to record and track very valuable production and quality data required in Aerospace or other highly regulated manufacturing industries. This data ranges from recording what tools are used, actual inspection measurements, how long each step took to complete and a complete record of all the problems encountered. We ensure that the work instructions are easy to read by using pictures and or videos. As part of your Business Process Management / BPM initiative, VisualFactory will be able to automate of lot of your business processes.
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Our user friendly interface reduces time to create and maintain visual work instructions

Creating and updating work instructions with pictures in word or excel is very difficult and requires a lot of formatting. Creating work instructions in VisualFactory is very easy and intuitive. Each activity can use pictures, screen shots of CAD data or even animation, which are easily added by clicking and dropping them into place. VisualFactory will allow your engineering staff to create and update work instructions in a fraction of the time and will reduce the amount of engineering floor support required. Creating multiple sets of documentation is time consuming, costly and requires a complex management system. VisualFactory allows common features to share the same instructions saving engineering very valuable time and reducing the possibility for errors.

Paperless multi-user approval streamlines review process

Unlike traditional work instructions created in word, VisualFactory can standardize the approval process to ensure that nothing is released without proper review. E-mail notification will occur as soon as a work instruction is ready for review, when final approval is received, the work instruction will be live to production.

Manufacturing Execution System functionality allows you to know what problems are on your production floor

VisualFactory's Andon module will give your team the tools it needs to respond to problems as they occur. Workers are able to ask for help without leaving their station and make the problem visible to everybody in the company. Traditional Andon lights are very good at highlighting which areas of your production are experiencing problems, however they are expensive and don't document what problem you've had and their resolution. Our Andon module will communicate problems to support departments by e-mailing them as soon as a problem is logged, and monitor how long each problem takes to resolve. Everybody in your company will be able to see a live display of all the problems with our live production dashboard, which can be customized for your needs.

Prioritize your continuous improvement effort

With VisualFactory you can see how many problems you had in the past, which area experienced these problems, how long they took to resolve, etc. This data easily be analyzed to prioritize your improvement effort or used to report on departmental KPI’s.
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What you need to know, When you need to know it

Traditional paper work instructions are very difficult to read and provide production workers too much information all at once. Workers often don't read the instructions and either ask another worker how to perform the work, or request assistance from engineering. VisualFactory acts like a GPS for manufacturing by giving you What you need to know, When you need to know it, finally making visual work instructions easy to read.

Standardized look and terminology will reduce confusion and resulting defects

Traditional work instructions with different authors look different and use different terminology. These differences create confusion with your staff, this can cause inefficiencies, and in many cases lead to defects or even scrap.

Multi-Language option reduces number of visual work instructions necessary

Do you work for a company that needs to maintain different set of work instructions because you have a bilingual workforce? With VisualFactory, you can allows workers to see the translation of a work instruction by clicking on a button. This will reduce employee confusion and reduce the risk of errors between work instructions of different languages.

Digital Kanban system improves inventory management

Using a 2 bin Kanban pull system using paper Kanban cards can be a very inexpensive way to help control your inventory. However, there are several problems that come with this process:
  • The re-order quantities on the Kanban cards need to be continuously adjusted in order to ensure proper inventory levels are maintained.
  • Paper cards can be lost and delay replenishment
  • Very difficult if not impossible to track replenishment lead time.
  • Line re-balancing can be very time consuming when bins need to be moved.

VisualFactory’s digital Kanban system will allow the following functionality:

  • Constantly optimizes bin quantities based on replenishment frequency
  • Bin audits identify issues rapidly
  • System automatically identifies parts required in a work station
  • Simplifies line re-balancing
  • Minimizes Inventory
  • Reduces cost of Kanban management
  • Bin replenishment queue and age report
Smart Kanban 2 bin system

VisualFactory will also allow these additional features

Standard WorkStandard Work

VisualFactory will standardize your assembly process and track deviation against standard. We will give you the ability to track each step of the process at a level not possible with an ERP software. We use pictures, videos, animation and standard symbols to ensure that the work instructions are easy to read and understand.

Inspection DataInspection Data

VisualFactory will allow you to record all necessary inspection data by prompting employees, measurements or specific visual inspections. This data will then be recorded to comply with any quality system, including stringent aerospace standards.

Live DashboardsLive Dashboards

VisualFactory can customize live production dashboards to show live performance against targets of all your work centers. This visual display can be posted anywhere on your production floor or can be accessible remotely and will allow your management team to focus on issues as they occur.


VisualFactory's work instructions are linked to routes which can be linked to different work centers in order to balance the line. This feature is very helpful with production lines that are faced with a lot of resource capacity variations.

Web BrowserWeb Browser

VisualFactory is web based and hosted on your company's own intranet. This allows the software to be used on any platforms including tablets.


You don't need to be a large manufacturing company to be able to use VisualFactory. Our software is very scalable and can work for small or medium manufacturing companies as well.

ERP InterfaceERP Interface

VisualFactory will import BOM's, routings and work orders from your ERP system to avoid duplication of data. The software will then export order status and labor back into your ERP system.

Paperless ManufacturingPaperless Manufacturing

VisualFactory can interface with any ERP software and will completely eliminate the need for any paperwork on your production floor by creating paperless work orders.

Case Study at Esterline Racal Acoustics

Additional Benefits

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce your defect rate
  • Reduce engineering floor support
  • Reduce employee learning curve
  • Provide you with a more flexible and mobile work force
  • Reduce production line change over time
  • Pareto your problems and prioritize your improvement effort
  • Document employee training
  • Tooling calibration database interfaces with work instructions
  • Kanban module allows electronic Kanban signal
  • Rework module allows online or offline rework of defects
  • And more MES system benefits
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What is a visual work instruction software?