What is Misys?

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What is Misys?

What type of companies use MISys ERP software? What type of features does MISys have?

MISys is designed specifically for small to medium sized manufacturing firms.

Get started with Basic Manufacturing and experience how MISys Manufacturing software delivers on its promise to turn your accounting software into an Industrial-Strength Manufacturing System. The Basic Manufacturing software provides the following capabilities:

  • Extensive tracking of manufacturing inventory and work in process (WIP)
  • Multi-level bills of material with full explosion down to 16 levels deep.
  • Net-change physical inventory with cycle counting.
  • Batch-oriented or direct entry of all stock transfer transactions.
  • Full back-flushing of all assembly transactions.
  • Choice of standard, average, LIFO, or FIFO costing methods.
  • Cost adjustment with roll-up through all BOM levels.
  • Work orders to document and track production activity.
  • Extensive reporting using industry-standard report generator (Crystal Reports).
  • Record detailed stock status for all inventoried items.
  • Track inventory in multiple locations.
  • Maintain inventory levels with minimum, maximum, and reorder points.
  • Instantly display transaction history, where-used (BOM implosion), and outstanding order status.
  • Can optionally allow or prevent negative inventory levels
  • Associate a unique set of general ledger accounts with a specific item, job, or location
    … and much much more!

And that’s just the beginning. MISys is designed to grow as you grow, when you need additional power, simply plug in a new MISys module. MISys offers advanced functionality in the following modules:

  • Advanced Purchasing
  • Advanced Production
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Serial/Lot Tracking
  • Bin Tracking
  • Labor Tracking
  • Bar Coding
  • Custom Reporting
  • Mobile Alerts

How can YMB Consulting help me with my MISys ERP implementation?

YMB Consulting is partnered with DB Group on MISys ERP implementations as is focused on helping customers implement the necessary manufacturing processes that will make the implementation successful. YMB Consulting has experience implementing the material and resource planning processes and can ensure that these are customized to meet the needs of your company. DB group’s experience in accounting, IT and custom report creation make them a perfect fit for these type of projects.

What type of support can I expect from MISys?

MISys Inc. offers unlimited technical support in the first year of implementation and has an online video library showing every major function of the software. Unlike other local ERP consultants that don’t have any manufacturing experienced and are more focused on sales, YMB Consulting, DB Group and MISys have all the expertise you need to help you with every step of the initial implementation. We can help you continuously improve your processes and systems as needed with our combined expertise in manufacturing, accounting, IT and custom report creation.

Can my existing Accounting software interface with MISys?

Yes. MISys integrates seamlessly with the most popular accounting software, QuickBooks, Sage 50, Sage 300 ERP and Intacct. This integration means that your accounting department will not need to use a different system which will help you lower cost by reduce the amount of user licenses required in MISys.

Can MISys interface with VisualFactory?

Yes. MISys, like any other ERP software interfaces with VisualFactory and exports the parts master, the BOM structure, Engineering Changes, Manufacturing Orders, Routes & Operations. In turn, MISys can import order / operation status and labour hours.

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